Mount Persis located right off of Highway 2 is well known for being Mount Index's little sister. From Highway Mount Persis looks almost impossible to climb. But in reality there is actually footpath/trail that head up to the summit from the west head. This footpath located up on dirt road 62 goes up 2700 feet of Mount Persis 5464 feet rather quickly. From the car this trail let's the hiker know that it is uphill. THat being said the higher you go the easier the trail becomes. There are two small but very pretty lakes near the summit which add to the attraction of this mountain. That being said this trail is quick and most in shape hikers can summit this mountain in two hours or maybe even less, depending on if you stop at one of the two ponds for pictures. If you have the time and energy you can also get Mount Index (YDS Class 3) as well. Use care going down. The footing with the mud is very poor on the steeper sections.

Directions: Take Highway 2 to milepost 33 where you will see the road right after a large curve where you will see a sign for FR-62. Take FR-62 3.5 miles to a junction. At that junction go left. About roughly another mile you reach another junction (2,380 ft). Take a left here. Take the road doen until you see what looks like a turnaround area on the left side. Park there and walk about 200 feet to the faint trail on your right. This is the trailhead for Mt. Persis (c. 2,800 ft). Note: if you go to the end of the road you have gone about a quarter mile too far. It is up to you to either park there or drive back to the trail.

The cliff shot from the summit area of Persis

Views: As for the views from the broad summit. On a clear day, they are amazing. Billions and billions of mountains can be seen from this viewpoint. Three volcano views as well as amazing shot into the Highway 2 corridor make this mountain a great choice among photographers. Just don't get too clumsy on the north cliff, because a fall there would result in 1000+ drop from a sheer cliff.

Here are some of the views...

Mount Index from Mount Persis

Baring and Gunn

Rainier from Persis Glacier Peak from Persis