the benefits of computer technology for education

Computer technology today is already very advanced. Computers are often used to facilitate people to quickly finish the job. Can not be denied, that the computer is already a matter of public importance on this earth. Here I will discuss a bit about the role of computer technology, especially in the field of education. If you need more cash, you can easily get loans tips through
I’m here would directly address the role or the benefits of computer technology in education that include e-learning. As we know the concept should be applied at the present time is to be developed in order to avoid saturation in the learning process. Nowadays e-learning is the solution. E-learning is a learning system that uses computer technology and the Internet.
From the view of the above it can be said that the media is a tool that young children Makes it possible to understand and grasp things easily and be able to remember it for a long time compared with the delivery of the subject matter by way of face to face and lectures without any aids.
E-learning is an abbreviation of Elektronic Learning, a new way of teaching and learning using electronic media, especially the Internet as a learning system.
E learning benefits include:
1. It is easier to get the material or info
If we use a learning system based on e-learning, it is easier to find and obtain materials or information. Just type in what we were looking for, wait a minute, we can direct the material.
2. Can get more material
We can get a lot of material, not only from within the country, even we can find material that comes from abroad which would add insight for us and also to improve our learning outcomes.
3. Learning is more effective and efficient time and energy
If there are tasks, we can search for materials that we need quickly. Not necessarily to and fro to get the materials we need. Sit in front of a computer or laptop, and then find that we need. After that, collated and finished his task.
4. Can interact directly with anyone
A student could have asked her friend what the material that is taught today or what task is given, if the day that he can not leave for a reason. He can also ask directly what the professor taught the material before or tasks that it provides. In interaction, he could use the medium of writing. She typed what will be discussed or questioned then sent to the addressee. He can also interact directly, can see and talk to the person to talk to. Due to advances in technology, now it can happen with a tool called a webcam.
5. Can know the material or assignments early
Students can view the schedule or task given by lecturers who are already uploaded. So, the students already know what will be done today and can prepare for an early start. That’s a few information about benefits computer for education, may be useful.